When we took over the Old Mill Bread Company, I had never baked before. After gaining the confidence needed to grab an apron and jump right in, I found a passion for baking that I didn’t expect. Since then, I’ve become a pretty dang good baker, while still having a growth mindset with a love for venturing into new frontiers. I can’t wait to see where the future of the Old Mill Bread Company takes me.



Our competitors make their living off of quantity, while we make ours on quality

Not a lot of places this size have the owners so involved in every step of the process. Every bun, loaf, and roll passes through us, ensuring the highest quality product, every time. We don't have a massive warehouse with huge robots making bread that never touches a human hand or is seen by a human eye until after purchase. 

Our quality assurance cannot be matched


“Tender fresh bread, yummy cookies, fresh pie, and other treats. Best dinner rolls around. The lunch sandwiches are very good and fairly priced. Check them out!”

“Just walking in the door will make your mouth water.”

We love to partner with local restaurants to supply them with the freshest bread and the highest quality ingredients. If you are ready to elevate your restaurant, we are eager to serve you.


Come on in and pick out a loaf or stay a bit and order some lunch–either way, we would love to provide you with delicious food and excellent service that keeps you coming back.